Billionaire Has Eureka Moment and Launches Cannabis Crypto

Our colleagues over at High Times report report that a rich man has had a true Eureka! moment and decided to join the crypto craze. Not merely the crypto craze but also the legal cannabis craze.

And is launching a cannabis cryptocurrency. Where have we heard that before?

True to form, Greek billionaire Alkiviades David‘s SwissX Bank of Cannabis is based in Gstaad and will soon have a HQ in the Caribbean. Hedge fund, privacy, and livin’ la Vida… all in one.

The token will called SWX, but isn’t yet CoinMarketCap.

So how will it work? The bank has created what it calls “The Farmer’s Wallet,” which will operate under the SWX Coin’s block-chain and through which it will pay members of the Swissx Hemp Farmers’ Cooperative.

David is a long time THC and CBD fan, with a track record of liking larger stacks of weed.

Head over to High Times for the full article.


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