Boston Mayor Martin Walsh Talks Marijuana Legalization in His City

The mayor of Boston, MA, Martin Walsh goes on the record with One37PM about the progress being made in the city with legalization of (recreational) cannabis. As known, Walsh, is an opponent of the plant and its consumption, but has chosen to respect the outcome of the 2016 in which more than 60% of the Boston citizens voted for dispensaries in the city.

As is often the case, it seems lots of not necessarily fully grounded — or backed — positions helped Walsh make up his mind about marijuana.

”My concerns were grounded by the data and reports that tell us that marijuana can potentially have negative health impacts on people, especially our young people. Regular use that starts in adolescence has been shown to impair brain development, shrink school and career outcomes and even lower IQ. There are also serious and immediate implications for public safety. In the year after the drug was legalized in Colorado, marijuana-related emergency room visits increased nearly 30 percent, medical issues from children accidentally ingesting edibles became a never before seen problem and traffic deaths involving marijuana saw sharp increases.”

What is positive though is that it seems that Walsh is working heavily at developing a framework for the city which supports equity and also those affected hardest by the War on Drugs.

“In Boston, we’re working hard now to make sure that retail establishments are spaced out across our city and that the communities that suffered the most in the War on Drugs have access to the new economic opportunities presented by legalization.”

Head over to One37PM for the full interview.

Photo credit: Scott Eissen/Getty Images via One37PM.


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