How To Avoid Getting Banned From the US Over Weed

Excellent long read by VICE’s Manisha Krishnan about the still retarded policy of Immigration in the USA which may result in people being banned from entering the country merely because of cannabis. In certain cases it may even be as little “connection” to weed as having invested in cannabis stocks or having smoked in past, during college/university years.

”Even though cannabis is legal in Canada and in several US states, it is still a Schedule 1 drug under federal American law, defined as a substance “with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” If you’re convicted of a cannabis offence and you live outside the U.S., you likely won’t be allowed to enter the country. If you already live there but you’re not a citizen, you could be deported. But even admitting to past weed consumption can get a person barred for life. The same goes if you’re applying for a work visa or a green card, or if you’re a green card holder trying to obtain citizenship.”

Krishnan reports tips received from lawyers specialized in immigration. Some tips may seem utterly ridiculous to most, yet all it does display is that prohibition and pettiness are still a reality even in the USA.

”Brady said the Immigrant Legal Resource Centre advises its clients to never put anything weed related on social media or a phone, including clothing or other forms of weed-related swag. And she said to clean your phone and expect it will be gone through at the border, even if you’re a U.S. citizen.”

Head over to VICE to read the full article.


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