One of the Cannabis Powerhouses in California Doesn’t Produce Any Weed

An interesting Business Insider interview gives a little more insight into Flow Kana, one of the largest players in the legal cannabis sector in the State of California, but who themselves don’t produce any cannabis.

Flow Kana, instead, is a cog in the supply chain and buys and distributes weed from legal farmers. Many of which previously were illicit producers until California legalized marijuana.

“One of the first farms Flow Kana started working with is in Humbolt, called Huckleberry Hill Farms. Johnny Casali, the farm’s second generation owner, grew up in the Emerald Triangle’s illegal industry. At 22, he got busted for growing 1,500 marijuana plants on his family’s property. He spent eight years in federal prison.”

The company isn’t without ambition and already looking ahead of potential federal legalization.

“There’s other states that have a lot of small farmers, like Oregon and Washington, where our model can be successful. I’m going to be looking closely over this next year, and kind of towards the end kind of start thinking about, hey, is federal legalization really close on the horizon? And if the answer is yes, we’ll double down in infrastructure here at the answer is no, then we’ll start looking at other states.”

Head over to Business Insider to read the full transcript.


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