Marijuana, Fishing Lines, and Sharks

In the brilliantly over the top “The Curse of Lono”, Hunter S. Thompson narrates his failed, fueled by booze, mescaline, and cocaine, fishing trip of South Point near the isle of Kona, Hawaii:

Crazy? I thought. I almost hurled a beer bottle down on his neck. The course he had set would have taken us far out to sea through the marlin grounds, a lazy parabolic loop that would have added another two or three hours to the trip. He was still obsessed with the notion that we were going to catch fish. I could see it in his eyes, the feverish gleam of Ahab. member writer43’s fishing trip of South Portland Bay wasn’t as wild, but they actually did not only encounter fish but even caught fish. All, of course, fueled by marijuana too.

After we released him back into the ocean, it took another 2 hours and 3 spliffs before we got our last hit of the day; however, it would prove to be a dandy one. We hooked a 12-foot – 300 lb Mako Shark! When we first hooked him, he jumped completely out of the water and took off running like crazy! A Mako Shark can swim 60 miles an hour, and they’re one of the fastest species of fish in the ocean.

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Warning: sharks are involved and shown in pictures. Caught sharks were released again though.


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