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UK Lawmakers Aim to Fully Legalize Cannabis within Five to Ten Years

UK Lawmakers Aim to Fully Legalize Cannabis within Five to Ten Years

Shortly after we briefly profiled the UK’s new Prime Minister’s stance on cannabis, and drugs, the BBC hit the tubes with a Newsbeat documentary about a trip of UK MP to Cannada to investigate the legal prohibition cannabis situation there.

Upon returning, the MPs — particularly Tottenham MP David Lammy — were confident the country could legalize within 5 to 10 years.

MP David Lammy, who rose to prominence after the Greenfell fire, was most outspoken of the three MPs who made the trip for the “Legalising Weed: Canada’s Story” documentary.

”I want the market legalized, regulated, and taken away from the crime gangs. For young people not to be criminalized by use and properly educated. I want to see the strength of the stuff reduced, labeled, and properly organized in this country”
—David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, Labour

The MP, who is known for his work on diversity and frequently seen in lesser affluent areas with crime issues, has in recent years become one of the more outspoken Labour MPs and with his position on cannabis is now a front runner in the topic within Labour, who still hold a negative position to legal marijuana. The trip to Canada is said to have changed Lammy’s mind.

David Lammy, Sir Norman Lamb and Jonathan Djanogly – image courtesy of

The documentary — which we sadly can not embed here due to geotardation — also showed Sir Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, consume legal CBD on air, in order to improve his sleeping. It is thought to be the first public cannabis consumption on camera by a serving British politician.

”Taking this oil is purely for sleeping for relaxation, I will take it before bed and before my flight home.”
”I was really anxious because I was chairing the technology and science select committee and I was travelling back over night, and I thought if I get back with no sleep it will be a challenge.”
”I slept incredibly well. I took the drops and I slept very well on the plane home, I actually slept through breakfast.”
—Sir Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats in the UK already are pro legalization of cannabis.

Currently, cannabis consumption and possession can lead to an up to five years in prison penalty. Although, some month’s ago the National Police Chiefs’ Council announced a change in policy, allowing officers to decide whether to arrest the owners of small amount or to let them of the hook with a proverbial naughty finger and a patronizing recommendation they seek addiction treatment.

Sadly enough, with both Conservatives and Labour against legalization — and not much support needs be expected of Farae and whichever party he may lead next — Lammy’s 5 to 10 years may still be rather optimistic.

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The trip was organized — and sponsored – by MPX but Lammy and Sir Norman Lamb paus their own flights and accommodation.

All in all it may have been a good thing that the trip was to Canada, as it allowed the MPs to discover the problematic Canadian situation, with only so-called “government weed” and a still very thriving illegal black market.

It isn’t known whether the politicians also visited Cannada’s first cannabis-themed golf court.

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