Will 2019 Become the Year of Cannabis?

Alright, alright… it’s always been the year of Cannabis, especially for those who love healthy greens which aren’t lettuce or spinach.

Yet, after recent years did create a definite pro-zeitgeist, could it be that 2019 will become the year of Cannabis — especially in the USA?

Not only has a potential future candidate for the 2020 Presidential elections recently flipped expressed being pro cannabis, despite a rather ambiguous previous professional background when it comes to cannabis, but it seems that Kamala Harris is all in now.

As if things couldn’t get better, with always more US states embracing at least medical use, Trump’s attorney general nominee will not object to states legislation and crackdown on states with favorable marijuana legislation.

Of course, with Cannada — now officially renamed to fit the zeitgeist — leading the pack already, it rests to be seen how many more states and also countries will look at adopting legalized recreational use of cannabis. New Zealand already promised to hold a referendum by latest 2020. The EU is still rather quiet but already has favorable HEMP regulation, which isn’t yet adopted everywhere though.

The momentum for cannabis has never been so strong and will probably only grow further. Which also requires us to mention Rep. Blumenauer’s HR420 bill.

Nobody should have to live in the dark ages of prohibition, or brutal wars on drugs for a natural product.

Do you think Americans will follow Canadians soon and cannabis will be decriminalized in 2019, or latest 2020?

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